Session work

As a versatile musician, Josh often finds himself working inside a studio, recording for films, TV and soundtracks. Josh can be heard playing the cello in the feature film soundtracks to; Journey to Le Man (Patrick Stewart), Vendetta (Danny Dyer), Breakdown (Craig Fairbrass), Stalked (Justin Edgar), The Sun Also Rises (2023)

Josh in the studio, recording for album, Beautiful Simplicity, Phil Mountford

– “Nice To See You Colonel” from Vendetta score.

 – “I Have To Finish This” from the score to Vendetta.

 – “Opening” from the score to Breakdown.

– “It’s All Over” from Breakdown score.ΩΩ

In 2019, Josh featured in a project fitting of the times, MARS VR. Composed by Dennis Tjiok, Josh can be heard on the short feature film trailer. “Experience the journey of NASA’s latest #Mars Rover through the red planet’s spectacular landscape to find @MarsOpportunity who got lost in a planetary sandstorm in 2018.”

MARS VR – Trailer