Extracts of all three moments from Debussy’s D Minor Cello Sonata. Played with pianist, Tomos Boyles.

Debussy Cello Sonata Extracts (2022)

The first movement of Ligeti’s Sonata for Solo Cello can be heard bellow. Enthralled by all types of 20th century music, Eastern European and Russian works in particular, stand out as the favourites for Josh to perform.

Josh performing the first movement of Ligeti’s Sonata for Solo Cello (2021)

In June 2015 film composer Phil Mountford was commissioned by The WW1 Commemoration Group to create a choral work to commemorate World War One and the effect on the local community of Feckenham in Worcestershire, England. The narrative, written by poet and historian Kathy Gee, intertwines letters and prose from the soldier, mother and sweetheart telling the fateful story of a young infantry recruit, as his life unfolds both at home and in the trenches. Armistice Day 2016 heard the premier of this narrative suite performed by over 80 voices.

Josh was the solo cellist who performed in the premier of the Arts Council England commissioned choral suite commemorating the centenary of WW1 : ‘The Suite For The Fallen Soldier’ and also the cellist to feature in the recorded album.