Josh currently plays on a Montagnana replica cello made by English Luthier Robin Aitchison. His electric cello is a Yamaha SVC-110 which he often uses to perform and record Pop, Rock and other genres of music. 

Describing the cello, Josh said ‘The Montagnana copy felt natural right from the start and sounds the way I’ve always imagined a cello should sound. The first time I tried it, I was shocked how well the sound could fill a large room with so little effort. The cello fits well in every context, whether it’s a sonata or in a quartet, it’s never overpowered by a grand piano and is able to cut through with ease.’

Josh uses the Yamaha Electric Cello for its versatility, being equally capable in a mixture of styles. He enjoys using the instrument because of the clean natural tone it produces, but also being able to apply an endless amount of effects to replicate other sounds to match instruments heard in genres like Pop and Rock music. He took interest in using this type of cello for alternative styles after hearing the 2Cellos.

  (Robin Aitchison Montagnana replica)

He also plays the Bass Guitar and his current instrument of choice is the Fender Jazz Squire Electric Bass. Enjoying many types of genres for playing bass, he particularly likes Jazz and Funk music playing in small groups or Big Bands.